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Moving For Lex

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Hello to all lexys followers!

I just would like to introduce myself and my family so you can have a little background on this page and also this movement.

Alexa is our much-loved sister, daughter, friend and athlete (and very funny girl!). We are so proud of her strength and we just hope her journey inspires other people to get out and get moving for those who can't.

My name is Jorja and I am Lexy's older sister and had a small website up and was just selling things I like before Lexy's accident happened. It is just myself and my girlfriend Natalie packing every order and all the stock is made here in Aus. We are adapting to the large influx of orders so bear with us while we get them all out as fast as we can! :)

We have always been a bit extra as a family (like all wearing matching family shirts at basically any event) and when Lexy's accident happened our way to come together as a family was to all wear pink at the hospital. Which led to making family shirts, which led to other friends and family wanting them too. We then started Lexy's Instagram account to stay connected with her close community and show her support by being positive and getting out and moving for her which then led to a larger community also wanting to show their support by wearing some #moveforlex gear.

It grew way beyond what we intended so my Dad and Lexy's mum Belinda, decided to work with the hospital to set up a Move For Lex foundation where money from sales can be donated. This foundation is run by the Royal Womans Brisbane hospital and is called the We C U foundation. The foundation supports enhanced care at the RBWH Neurology Ward and a new ICU family support program.

In the future, we hope to share where this money goes and share other families stories so we can all rally behind them and show some support and much needed positive motivation like we have seen for Alexa.

Lexy was an extremely dedicated athlete just at the start of her career. She has a long journey ahead of her and we thank you for being this positive energy and light by her side.

Find Lexy's shop here

Much love

Jorja & the Leary Family

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