Let's Move For Lex!


We got you!

Fight Hard Alexa!

Alexa Leary is our loved daughter, sibling, partner, friend and incredible triathlete. Lexie had a terrible road bike accident and is in recovery from horrific injuries and has suffered some brain damage. We are a close, large family of nine and we're not us, without lex. We have a long road ahead of us but the community love and support, as well as the amazing doctors and nurses, are helping her through.


This movement we want to create for her is to inspire people to get out and get moving for those who can’t.

 So join in and we can't wait to see everyone out and about doing #moveforlex and rocking some of the t-shirts or hats her sisters have created together.  

Please allow us up to ten business days for processing before we can send at the moment :)


These designs are just to show Alexa support and give her something to smile about from her hospital bed. Profits are to the Move For Lex foundation which is a newly created program called We C U which is supporting enhanced care at the RBWH Neurology Ward and a new ICU family support program. 

Please - get active and share your video and images to our hashtag #MoveForLex 

Finally, in the words of Alexa; BE KIND, ALWAYS.

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Follow her page here @MoveForLex

Please see the We C U foundation here for direct donations

or visit www.moveforlex.com

Because of your support, we have been able to donate $14,000 so far to the We C U support program!